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Our industry-leading strategy capabilities and deep knowledge make us a strong partner to deliver the services you, your family and your business deserve.
We have an uncompromising dedication to our clients, today and in the future.

What do you do when you need to sell a property rapidly without losing money on the sale? How can you ensure the lifestyle needs of your family are satisfied everywhere you go? Where do you go when you need to find new buyers for your company because the group with which you were dealing had a change of mind? You need top-level advisory, a new general manager, a majord’homme you can trust?

The list is endless…. and the life of the wealthy is never simple. Expertly addressing the challenges they need solving daily, requires experience, knowledge, network and flair.

At Guy Freiburghaus’ Headquarters we’ve seen times of prosperity, uncertainty and opportunity. We retain a deep understanding of who our clients are, and has brought us the success we care about most: highly satisfied, loyal clients whose relationships with us span generations.

Our thinking and premise: good advice makes a measurable difference. For each client, we craft a customized plan around six essential wealth practices: invest, borrow, spend, captain, care and conserve. With our guide, these practices empowers our clients to confidently cruise the unpredictable and unexpected.

This is where we excel!

We provide our select clients with tailored lifestyle and management services designed to free them of any hassle or worry. We endeavour to find solutions to all their demands, whether personal or business-related, simple or complex.

We apply the very best traditional Swiss values in terms of attention to detail and pride ourselves of our ability to successfully manage all our clients requirements with a 24/7 availability, in full trust and discretion.

All our services are tailored to your needs with specialized strategies that take into account your personal goals and objectives.


We provide the services and find the solutions to all your personal requirements thus ensuring that you and your family enjoy peace of mind and the comfort to which you are entitled.


We put at the disposal of our clients our network of business professional, companies and expert advisors to assist them with commercial development and transactions.


Switzerland is one of the world’s leading countries for wealth management solutions. With 35 years in this sector, our partners can deliver customised solutions from wealth preservation to venture capital opportunities

During my 35 years of serving successful families, entrepreneurs and wealthy businessmen, I have only witnessed one constant;
no problem is ever the same, but all have solutions.
Today my passion is to facilitate the lives of my clients by solving situations others cannot.
Lifestyle needs business. Successful business needs lifestyle.
We make sure it stays that way.
Don’t be most people;
most people don’t achieve their dreams.
Robert Kiyosaki

Care and attention in everything we do.

What we have learnt during the past 35 years is that details matter. They make the difference between success or failure, losing or winning. Details define us.

Our deep network of partners and professional contacts enables us to address the full spectrum of lifestyle and business needs of HNWIs. In addition to our own first circle network of business contacts and experts, our business longevity and experience allows us to resourceful in any situation.

Exceptional services for outstanding people.

One size does not fit all and every client’s requirements are unique

Our service offer is fully tailored and scalable. We review all enquiries carefully to ensure that we can truly add value to the client. We always align our interests with our clients’ interests in order to deliver consistent value for money. There are no missions that are either too big or too small. We only endavour to provide exceptional services and solutions that work.

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We offer a range of service levels to suit varying client needs and requests volume. All service packages are personalized and can be upgraded to higher levels upon request

Fix your eyes on perfection and you make almost everything speed towards it.
William Ellery Channing

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24/7 availability for all enquiries