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Real Estate Expertise

Luxury Properties in French-speaking Switzerland
  • Through our deep network in the Swiss real estate sector, we can source unique high-end properties around the Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) area and in the most sought-after locations in Switzerland. Our services include researching the properties within the luxury real estate portfolios at our disposal, providing our clients with the appropriate selection, negotiating best terms of behalf of our clients and finally overseeing the acquisition process.
  • We also can assist our clients in selling the high value properties. With worldwide connections to High Net Worth Individuals, we undertake the marketing and sale of properties. Our focus is on achieving the best price possible for our clients.
Successful achievements on behalf of our clients:
  • Oversight and management of all steps related to the acquisition of a castle in French-speaking Switzerland.
  • Research and selection, as well as onsite visits of properties, corresponding to the pre-established specifications presented to us by the client.
  • Conducting interviews with property owners and their representatives for the benefit of the client.
  • Oversight and analysis of expert reports.
  • Drawing up recommendations for the attention of the buyer (and full support services during the acquisition if requested by the client).

Project Management

During the course of our ongoing client mandates, our expertise in project management is often solicited. With over 20 years of multi-sector exposure and hands-on experience with new or existing commercial ventures, we have developed an expertise in assessing the viability of projects, and especially their value in terms of return on investment or risk for our clients.

  • We believe that deep due diligence is the key to mitigating risk and ensuring that our clients have the right information to make informed decisions. We oversee the entire due diligence process to provide our clients with a full report to facilitate their decision process.
  • We also provide our clients with detailed proposals and implementation plans of appropriate solutions we view as necessary to achieve our clients’ objectives, whether for real estate or commercial and private sector ventures.

Consulting and Coaching

  • Accompany and supervise Trusts beneficiaries in the management of their finances.
  • Individual and group coaching.
Successful achievements on behalf of our clients:
  • Establishment and monitoring of a financial plan intended to achieve the Trust’s objectives in order to ensure continuity and wellbeing of the beneficiary.
  • Establishment of an action plan to reach their financial goals.

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